Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trading Plan for 5/14-5/18

This is my first plan in over a week, sorry about the wait. Finals week and all sorts of things going on. Anyway, the market looks done, just looking for the catalyst to push it lower. Check out the volume on the red days vs the green ones... Well lets see what we've got!

Trading Plan for 5/14-5/18

  • AAPL - This one is headed lower. Bounces are being sold something fierce, this is a short only, for me.
  • ADBE - Also done, see volume.
  • AMZN - Looking good, holding up. Next buy/add when clears that 234 area.
  • AZO - Bouncing off the 50d, getting above this resistance. Volume says down but this stock is resilient... keep on watch
  • BAC - This one is probably dead as well, but keep an eye out for a reversal here on the 200d and gap fill.
  • BBBY - Nice, one can buy/add when it makes new highs on heavy volume. Good looking gap fill and rally
  • BEAM - Watch for this one to fill the gap and bounce. If it breaks this lower support I'd be out (if i were in this trade.)
  • BIDU - lol, do i even need to tell you guys anything?
  • BIIB - Looking fine, holding the breakout... watch for a good FTD and go long.
  • DE - Looks like it wants lower... I may buy some june puts on this thing... itm or ntm.
  • LVS - One can short this one on the break below this long term support.
  • NOV - Great short so far, if it breaks this long term support one can short or add to their position.
  • ORLY - This is the trend line I would keep an eye on here...
  • OREX - This one hit may radar on friday, bought some at 3.68. I'll add monday if it can get considerable volume over $4.
  • QCOM - I'll nibble short if it breaks this TL on volume.
  • SPY - Done... just a matter of when, not if.
  • VZ - Continuing nicely on good volume. Looks good for more.
  • YUM - Needs to hold the 50d and get back above this TL, but volume says it won't. When it breaks 50d one can nibble some short.
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