Sunday, March 10, 2013

For updated charts

Go over to for updated charts and a new chat room! it's an awesome new site, I hope to see all of you there!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's official! We've moved

Thank all of you for your support, I hope you are able to continue with your support at our new site, head on over and check it out:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Content, Coming Soon

I have only been trading on twitter (@investlite) and am even taking a short break from that to do some big projects that have to do with this site! There is A LOT of new content and user areas that will be launched in the not too distant (hopefully) future! Keep checking back and follow me on twitter for updates as they happen!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trading Plan for Friday

Well I hope you all made money prior to the election, I took a break the week prior and resumed yesterday. SPY puts made some cash :D. At this point it's a tricky market, not worth taking new positions in until action points are hit. So if you're in cash, it was a smart move and a smart place to stay until some actionable moves happen. Let's look at tomorrow!

Trading Plan for Friday -

CYNO - Basing here below this resistance, next buy/add when clears on heavy volume. One can short if it breaks the ascending trend line.

NFLX - Also basing right below resistance (gray) and the 200d. When clears on heavy volume, go long.

AAPL - A normally resilient stock that looks like it may want even lower. Possibly a bounce here at the FIB 50% retrace. If it breaks this on heavy volume it's down to 500 pretty quick (slight support at 515ish)

GOOG - Hitting this next support. If/when it breaks on volume, it's very short-able.

SPY - Breaking the 200d on heavy volume. These are the next action points both ways. I will continue to take money off the table into the downward strength, and retake my position if it breaks the ascending trend line.

Charts -






Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trading Plan for Thursday, 10/25

Trading Plan for Thursday, 10/25

AEGR - This is a 5m chart, it's the most relevant. All of the support/resistance of the previous chart remains the same. When it breaks this descending trend line one can add

SPY - This green line is the next support before we test the 200d. If we get back near the red resistance line and look weak, I'll buy some puts.

AAPL - If we break this support then we're headed sub $600... If you're a bottom buyer this may be an ok entry with this support as a stop, good risk/reward

GOOG - If we break this support we're headed to $650... That said, good risk reward from here if it continues to hold I may dip my toes

ARNA -  Looking like it wants to break down, volume lacking as it tries to hold a trend line. Though, wait for the break on volume for any action either way.

Charts -





Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trading Plan for Monday, 10/22

Liquidated most all of my positions last week, with $SPY puts and $CLF being the biggest positions I had going into the week.

Trading Plan for Monday, 10/22

LULU - This one is toast, breaking down on HUGE volume. Watch this next big support.

BIDU - With earnings coming up this is one to avoid, could go either way.. support/TL are the next action points on this one

IOC - Watch how this one acts when within this channel of support. Pretty strong with the 200d inside of it

OXY - If it breaks this support again, it's headed much lower imo...

AEGR - Breaking higher, looks like it may be close to taking a rest. Here are all of the major support/resistance areas for the current run

SPY - Breaking down on heavy volume, should test this support soon... I have a hunch we get back over the 50d once more though

ORLY - It's making up its mind here (looking like a downward spiral) if the market rolls over it's time for some shorts/puts.

SHLD - If it breaks this trend line on volume I'll be taking a short position

Charts - 









Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trading Plan for Thursday, 10/18

Trading Plan for Thursday, 10/18 -

ZGNX - Looking good, hitting this minor resistance area. Next buy/add when makes new highs on heavy volume.

SCMP - Holding the breakout, needs to keep above this support. Next buy add when clears the next resistance area (green line)

ZAGG - Getting close to decision time now... keep a close eye...

OVTI - These are the action points I'd be watching. Short on a break of the ascending trend line, long on the break of both the resistance (horizontal) and the descending trend line. All on volume of course.

SPY - This is the trend line I'm watching, if it breaks on volume I'll sell my calls and run with my tail between my legs... The more it looks like Mitt Romney will win, the more sustainable these gains will be, imo.

CLF - Held the break out, now clearing this next resistance area on good volume. Closed right near the HoD, looking good for more gains. Was underwater for a few days on this one, glad it ended up working out.

Charts -