Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trading Plan for Thursday, 10/25

Trading Plan for Thursday, 10/25

AEGR - This is a 5m chart, it's the most relevant. All of the support/resistance of the previous chart remains the same. When it breaks this descending trend line one can add

SPY - This green line is the next support before we test the 200d. If we get back near the red resistance line and look weak, I'll buy some puts.

AAPL - If we break this support then we're headed sub $600... If you're a bottom buyer this may be an ok entry with this support as a stop, good risk/reward

GOOG - If we break this support we're headed to $650... That said, good risk reward from here if it continues to hold I may dip my toes

ARNA -  Looking like it wants to break down, volume lacking as it tries to hold a trend line. Though, wait for the break on volume for any action either way.

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