Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trading Plan for Wednesday, 10/3

Trading Plan for Wednesday, 10/3

OVTI - This one needs to get back over the 50d to make a solid long confirmation. Watch the trend lines as well

NFLX- Getting ever closer to decision time for this stock

ZAGG - Getting rejected here, keep these resistance areas and trend lines on watch

GOOG - Basing here after a monster run. A rest is good for this one. Still waiting to re-enter.

AAPL - Indecision on this one, doji candle today, I'm leaning bearish due to that downward curling 20d.

EXPE - Watch this resistance area and this trend line, a break of either on volume is an actionable move, of course long you need to watch the old highs as well.

S - Ouch, this one is toast. Avoid unless short or scalping.

FOSL - Nice little channel to play here, a break either way on volume will make a nice swing trade.

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