Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trading Plan for Monday, 10/22

Liquidated most all of my positions last week, with $SPY puts and $CLF being the biggest positions I had going into the week.

Trading Plan for Monday, 10/22

LULU - This one is toast, breaking down on HUGE volume. Watch this next big support.

BIDU - With earnings coming up this is one to avoid, could go either way.. support/TL are the next action points on this one

IOC - Watch how this one acts when within this channel of support. Pretty strong with the 200d inside of it

OXY - If it breaks this support again, it's headed much lower imo...

AEGR - Breaking higher, looks like it may be close to taking a rest. Here are all of the major support/resistance areas for the current run

SPY - Breaking down on heavy volume, should test this support soon... I have a hunch we get back over the 50d once more though

ORLY - It's making up its mind here (looking like a downward spiral) if the market rolls over it's time for some shorts/puts.

SHLD - If it breaks this trend line on volume I'll be taking a short position

Charts - 









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