Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trading Plan for Thursday, 9/27

Recap - The market has enjoyed a nice pullback the last few days, but it's looking like it may be ready to continue upward soon.

Trading Plan for Thursday, 9/27 -

GMCR - At this next support, if the market is ready to go up this may get a nice bounce and break out again.

FOSL - Also near support. Watch for a similar bounce or rally.

LULU - Broke this support, but holding the 20d. Keep an eye on how it acts tomorrow, if it can get back over that resistance it may head for some new highs.

LVS - Next buy/add area when clears 200d on heavy volume

GOOG - 5m chart showing where I was stopped out (protect your profits) and where I'll buy back in tomorrow if it continues upwards. Yes I'll gladly miss out on a few $ for the security of cash.

AZO - Nice little falling wedge here. Be ready when it breaks out.

NFLX - Holding this support, but if it fails look out below... a break of the descending trend line would show some strenght, not much but some...

OVTI - See that red volume, it's still got room to go down much further. Weak hammer candle today so it may be near bottoming out. Not looking too hot though...

ZAGG - Breaking down further after a rejection at resistance and the 50d. This reinforces the tight stop if buying before the breakout, but I have a hunch this may bounce alright soon, just a hunch though...

CNX - Probably a good short, especially if the market fools everyone and continues downward.

Charts -










Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trading Plan for Monday, 9/24

Had a pretty good week last week, a little light on trading the last half of the week, but $GOOG continued to make us some money.

Trading Plan for Monday, 9/24

GOOG - Continuing to make new highs in this up-trending channel

S - This one is acting like it wants to continue higher, one can buy/add when it clears new highs on heavy volume

NOV - Keep an eye on this triangle, if it breaks on volume, play the break.

GLD - Keep watching this one, looks poised for more movement to the upside

LNKD - Holding above these old highs, getting ready for more imo

SBUX - Getting rejected initially, but keep an eye on this one. The moving averages and the trend line are the action points.

LULU - Holding up here, if this breaks on volume (either direction) its an actionable play

AMZN - Making a nice little base here, watch this area and play accordingly

MLNX - Holding above this trend line after basing for a few days. Clearing the 20d and filling the gap. Watch for a good Follow Through Day (FTD)










Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trading Plan for Friday, 9/21

Sorry I didn't get a chance to do charts last night, had some other things come up and was not able to trade today, but will be back at it tomorrow!

Trading Plan for Friday, 9/21

GCI - Making multi-year highs on awesome volume. Have to go back to 09 to see current resistance and what the initial buy should have been. This lower line is what the initial buy point was, the upper line is the next add area, and the next buy/add is when it clears 20 on heavy volume.

FDP - Textbook breakout with a nice FTD. Next buy/add when it clears new 52 week highs.

GOOG - This was our last buy point, continuing on up. Looking good for more gains. Not a time to buy/add until it bases again.

SBUX - Watch this trend line, volume says it'll get rejected for now, but with QE3 it may punch through. Shortable on a rejection buyable on a breakout with volume.

ORLY - Same as SBUX, keep a close eye on these two.

STX - Watch this triangle, a break on volume is actionable.

WFC - Good solid uptrend, these are the kind you buy on the pullback and use the trend line as your stop.

AMZN - Making a nice little base on base pattern here, looking good.

LULU - Nice little cup w/handle developing here. Keep a close eye on this one, gotta love the cup formation.

Charts - 









Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trading Plan for Wednesday, 9/19

Trading Plan for Wednesday, 9/19

PCLN - Nice little uptrend here, about to punch through this descending trend line. Kind of melting up volume wise, but if it breaks on heavy volume it could be a great long

ZAGG - Looking pretty good, if it can get through this resistance and the 50d on volume, it should be a strong buy.

OVTI - Holding above the 20d. Next buy/add area when clears this resistance line on heavy volume

NFLX - Just hanging out in this triangle, a break of either line on volume will be actionable swing trading.

SPPI - Volume is picking up nicely as it approaches this major resistance and the 50d, buy/add when it clears these on heavy volume.







Monday, September 17, 2012

A Few Charts for Tuesday, 9/18

Since most of the charts I posted for today are still in good order I'm going to just add a few to that list.

A Few Charts for Tuesday, 9/18 -

FB - Watch for this one to get above this next resistance area to fill the gap.

SAAS - I tweeted a chart of this yesterday, holding the breakout today. looks ready for more imo.

GOOG - Holding up well near the highs, creating another base. Next buy/add area when makes new highs on heavy volume

CL - Keep an eye on this one, it could go either way, but it is actionable both ways.

NVS - Getting ready to test those highs again, you know what to do...






Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trading Plan for Monday, 9/17

Trading Plan for Monday, 9/17

NFLX - Couldn't close over the 20d friday, but gave an alright effort. Next buy/add area when clears fridays highs (58.18) on heavy volume.

BRCM - This one looks a little iffy, it had plenty of volume but no price action. A lot of resistance at 37, which will be the next buy/add area.

LIFE - Good volume pushing back above the 20d. Next buy/add when clears this resistance on heavy volume

ROST - Trend line held firm, needs to hold above the 50d here. One could buy with a nice tight stop or wait for the 50d to hold and grab on the 20d break.

EQIX - Probably going to fill the gap here, keep an eye on this trend line, if it holds I may nibble a few long.

YOKU - Nice big price movement on heavy volume. Next buy/add when clears 200d on heavy volume.

CXO - Looking good since breaking out Thursday, Next buy/add when clears 104-105 on heavy volume.

LNKD - Making new highs on solid volume, gotta love these plays

LVS - Watch this one as it approaches the 200d. Next buy point when ti clears 200d on heavy volume.

VMW - Putting some nice gains on the board, clearing our next buy/add area on Friday. watch this one Monday for it to hold this breakout.

JIVE - Watch this one, short under this support, long over the 20d.

QCOM - Looking good, +2.50 since the initial buy point. Watch as it approaches this next resistance (our next buy/add area)

CRM - Looking nice since the initial buy point, next buy/add area when it makes new 52's on volume

BIIB - Making new highs on great volume, perfect setup.

CNX - Watch the 200d and this TL, you know what to do :)

BEAM - Watch for the break on this TL, may have a good short opp. 

ORLY - Short continues to work well since breaking down on heavy volume Thursday. This one wants lower, much lower imo.

AZO - Breaking down wonderfully, much lower prices to come. Avoid unless short :)

Charts -