Monday, September 10, 2012

The Chart Box is BACK!!!

Hey folks,

After a wonderful summer vacation, I'm glad to be back. Well without further ado, let's hop into some charts for tomorrow!

Trading Plan for Tuesday, 9/11

GMCR - This one is looking good, the volume is picking up as it rises above the 20d and is testing this upper resistance area. One can nibble if it continues through this resistance on good volume.

SODA - Keep an eye on this one, volume is picking up and price is following. Next buy/add area when clears this descending trend line on volume.

ORLY - Nice little falling wedge patern here, keep on watch

YUM - This one may get rejected, but keep it on your watch list. Needs to clear this descending trend line on heavy volume.

ALLT - The old favorite, brought to you at $18. This one looks like it wants to test $30. One can nibble a few long if it breaks above this resistance tomorrow on heavy volume

PANL - Just keep this one on your watch list, if it can clear this descending trend line on heavy volume it may be worth a bite

APA - This resistance and the 200d are the next two buy/add areas. Watch the volume closely.

QCOM - This ones always been good to me, when it clears this trend line on heavy volume, go long

JIVE - Making new 52 wk lows, they usually continue that trend for a while, worth a short imo.

SPY - Watch how it acts around this old support area, then play accordingly

BIIB - Rock solid ascent, this one is a buy on the pullback with this ascending trend line as a stop

LNKD - This resistance area is the next buy point, once its cleared on heavy volume













AAPL - This one is at a decision point, if it breaks the 20d it will visit the 50d, and that's what volume is saying it wants to do. keep a close eye.

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