Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trading Plan for Monday, 9/24

Had a pretty good week last week, a little light on trading the last half of the week, but $GOOG continued to make us some money.

Trading Plan for Monday, 9/24

GOOG - Continuing to make new highs in this up-trending channel

S - This one is acting like it wants to continue higher, one can buy/add when it clears new highs on heavy volume

NOV - Keep an eye on this triangle, if it breaks on volume, play the break.

GLD - Keep watching this one, looks poised for more movement to the upside

LNKD - Holding above these old highs, getting ready for more imo

SBUX - Getting rejected initially, but keep an eye on this one. The moving averages and the trend line are the action points.

LULU - Holding up here, if this breaks on volume (either direction) its an actionable play

AMZN - Making a nice little base here, watch this area and play accordingly

MLNX - Holding above this trend line after basing for a few days. Clearing the 20d and filling the gap. Watch for a good Follow Through Day (FTD)










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