Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trading Plan for Monday, 9/17

Trading Plan for Monday, 9/17

NFLX - Couldn't close over the 20d friday, but gave an alright effort. Next buy/add area when clears fridays highs (58.18) on heavy volume.

BRCM - This one looks a little iffy, it had plenty of volume but no price action. A lot of resistance at 37, which will be the next buy/add area.

LIFE - Good volume pushing back above the 20d. Next buy/add when clears this resistance on heavy volume

ROST - Trend line held firm, needs to hold above the 50d here. One could buy with a nice tight stop or wait for the 50d to hold and grab on the 20d break.

EQIX - Probably going to fill the gap here, keep an eye on this trend line, if it holds I may nibble a few long.

YOKU - Nice big price movement on heavy volume. Next buy/add when clears 200d on heavy volume.

CXO - Looking good since breaking out Thursday, Next buy/add when clears 104-105 on heavy volume.

LNKD - Making new highs on solid volume, gotta love these plays

LVS - Watch this one as it approaches the 200d. Next buy point when ti clears 200d on heavy volume.

VMW - Putting some nice gains on the board, clearing our next buy/add area on Friday. watch this one Monday for it to hold this breakout.

JIVE - Watch this one, short under this support, long over the 20d.

QCOM - Looking good, +2.50 since the initial buy point. Watch as it approaches this next resistance (our next buy/add area)

CRM - Looking nice since the initial buy point, next buy/add area when it makes new 52's on volume

BIIB - Making new highs on great volume, perfect setup.

CNX - Watch the 200d and this TL, you know what to do :)

BEAM - Watch for the break on this TL, may have a good short opp. 

ORLY - Short continues to work well since breaking down on heavy volume Thursday. This one wants lower, much lower imo.

AZO - Breaking down wonderfully, much lower prices to come. Avoid unless short :)

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