Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trading Plan for Wednesday 9/12

Trading Plan for Wednesday 9/12 - Pretty good day today, AAPL and GMCR made plenty of cash for us.  Here's what we're looking at for tomorrow:

AAPL - Classic double top, breaking down through the 20d on good volume. It's a pretty safe bet that this wants to try the 50d and possibly this old trend line. Good short opportunity for a swing trade imo.

GMCR - Holding above this resistance with some solid volume. Looks like it may want the 200d

BAC - In this channel, if it can break out it may make some more solid gains.

JIVE - Possible double bottom here, but I doubt it...

VMW - Breaking this descending trend line, but the volume leaves a little to be wanted. Watch for a good follow through day (FTD) and go long with a tight stop.

WDC - This one may hold up here. next buy/add when clears 20d and this resistance on volume.

PANL - Like I said yesterday, this one may be ready for a little rally. Watch the trend line.

DE - Keep an eye on this one, looks like it may be setting up for some movement to the upside

YUM - Watch for a shooting star or the like, otherwise this looks alright for a small long position

ORLY - Don't forget this falling wedge... she can move fast.

POT - This bad boy may be getting ready for some parabolic movement, keep on watch













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