Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trading Plan for Thursday 2/22

Pretty much the entire watch list from yesterday is still valid. So I'll re-list those and put in bold all of the new ones, along with charts of some of the new names.

NOV - Here - This was on our list and broke out Tuesday, anywhere in this area should be solid
HFC - 36.00 - broke out of a solid base on good vol. hitting resistance so wait for the break of $36
TS - 44.00 -  keep on your watch list, broke out today, earnings tomorrow, could blow through $44
FLR 60.00S - This looks short-able if it breaks ascending trend line (chart below)
GOOG – 617.61 – resistance and 200d break
WYNN – 120 – Gapped over trendline, hold as long as it holds over 100
GLD – 173.25 – breaking resistance, keep close stop
POT - 47.40 – breaking resistance and descending trend line
NTAP – 43.40 – FTD (follow through day)
KFT – 38.82 – big volume today, watch tomorrow for this break and volume
QCOM – 63.00 – watch for big vol to new highs
INFA – keep on watch – nice cup, watch for handle to form, break over 50
PEET – 67.20 – breaking descending trendline
WFC – 31.22L, 30.20S – forming a triangle, watch volume, could go either way.
WDC – 41.87 – this one is basing nicely keep on watch for new highs
VMW – 100.25L, 95S – another triangle…
– 53L, 51.30S – just an odd stock, could go either way, these are next entry points
CRM – 125.21S – Shortable if it breaks this trend line
OPEN – 44.75 – Shortable if it breaks this trend line


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