Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recap and Trading Plan for Friday, 4/27

Recap - 
Heck of a day, we had AZO, CXO, APA, CF, ZAGG, and WDC all working well from the trading plan. Now looking for some follow through with the market (not likely, but possible.) as it has had pathetic volume on the green days and great volume on the red ones.

Trading Plan for Friday, 4/27

  • LULU - Setting up to take out this descending trend line and the 20d. Needs to do so on heavy volume.
  • CRM - Holding up after testing the 50d, volume is slightly suspect, but could pay off well if played with a tight stop. next buy/add when clears this upper resistance on heavy, heavy volume.
  • GMCR - Setting up to take out this resistance, if it does so on heavy volume, one can go long with a tight stop.
  • DECK - After missing on earnings this one is actually off the bottom of this chart... toast. One can short the bounces here...
  • YOKU - The triangle... expect earnings to take it out and should be playable in the respective direction.
  • ZAGG - My favorite stock right now, given us so many different swings for a quick gain. This one broke this descending trend line and the 200d on heavy volume. heading into earnings this one I may hold a 1/4 or an 1/8th... we'll see.
  • ALLT - This one has been textbook setup after textbook setup. if you can't buy these ones, then you can't buy anything. earnings coming up so be aware.
  • HERO - Looking good for higher, nice bullish engulfing candle on heavy, heavy volume.
Charts -








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