Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trading Plan for 4/9-4/13

Trading Plan for 4/9-4/13

  • ES - SPX Futures - Friday's futures show SPX breaking its next support, whether or not it holds true will be seen Monday. If it does break support, the next support on SPX is 1365, if it breaks through that we are looking at 1348. Monday is not a day to take new positions unless there is massive volume to the upside.
  • BBBY -  Up 8% on good earnings, keep on watch.
  • ALLT - Massive bullish engulfing candle, avg volume. Watch for a good FTD (Follow Through Day) on volume and go long.
  • TNGO - Watch for a break above 20 on strong volume and go long.
  • LVS - Keep on watch to break through this descending trend line on heavy volume and go long.
  • LULU - Lighter volume, but breaking out and holding above the old highs, FTD is key.
  • TS - Short-able if it breaks this support.
  • UA - Any break of this channel is a playable break as long as it happens on solid volume.
  • VMW - Holding up above this support, if it breaks back below 109.60 one could nibble short with a tight stop, keep on watch.
  • SINA - A break of either line is actionable, it will probably be down imo....
  • NOV - Market pressure has been proving to be too much for this one to break out, keep on watch as it could go any time.
  • CME - Holding this support, but if it breaks one can short a few with a tight stop.
  • ZAGG - Consolidating nicely after breaking $11 on Monday. Next buy/add area when clears the 200d on volume.
  • GMCR - Been exceptionally weak as of late, unless it breaks down on volume I wouldn't take a new short position for a few days.
  • AZO - Could be a double top here, if it can get through 386 on heavy volume one can go long, otherwise the market may push this lower.
  • LNKD - This one looks like it wants to fill that gap. here are two places to add short when they break on volume.
  • BRCM - Looks like it wants to break down, keep on watch and nibble short if it breaks this support on volume.
  • SHLD - If it breaks this next support on volume it could get really ugly... short-able if it breaks.
  • TZOO - Looks ready to make some new lows! Avoid.
  • CXO - If it breaks this support one could nibble a few short to test the 200d
  • GS - Looks ready for more downside
  • WDC - Looking ready for more downside as well
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ES - SPX Futures















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