Monday, April 30, 2012

Trading Plan for Tuesday, 5/1

Heck of a day, $ZAGG worked well for us. $AAPL didn't get that bounce it looked like it wanted. $KFT and $BIIB made us money, along with a few others. Well Tomorrow officially begins May! Lets have a big sell-off so that I can flip VXX yet again! Lets do some analysis!

Trading Plan for Tuesday, 5/1

  • AAPL - What a lovely pos this has been lately. Notice how the volume has really trailed off since earnings? What does that mean? It means that folks are timid until that gap fills. Once it fills expect the volume to come back. I suspect it will be buy volume since the big boys would try to get rid of more shares up here, but only time will tell.
  • ALLT - Keep a close eye on this one, basing nicely below this resistance. (Volume is slightly worrisome, but the price action makes this a watch.) needs to break through on good vol.
  • AMZN - This is exactly what you want to see after earnings (unlike what aapl did) nice gap up on HEAVY volume, with a nice follow through day (FTD) on heavy volume as well.
  • BAC - This one needs to hold 7.95ish to be a buy, otherwise one can short it down to the 50d
  • BBBY - Perfect example of a gap fill and bounce. Where it goes from here is anyone's guess but, just wanted to put this one up here.
  • BIIB - Looking good, making new highs on volume. continue to hold this one...
  • CME - Good short setup, if it takes out the 200d on volume.
  • CRM - Look at the volume, buy buy buy on strong, sell sell sell on weak. Great long candidate so long as the market doesn't roll over.
  • GOOG - This one is going to break down unless it gets some big buyers in... look at the volume, heavy selling.
  • GS - Next buy/add when clears the 20d on solid volume
  • KFT - Mo money, mo money, mo money... been peeling off into this strength, but still gorgeous. if it clears $40 on heavy volume I'll buy a lot more.
  • LULU - Looking fine, holding the 20d and the breakout, one could set there stop to correlate with this descending trend line. But looks good for higher prices.
  • MOS - Watch this triangle...
  • NFLX - Toast... look for new 52 wk lows imo...
  • OPEN - Looks good, holding the breakout. one can buy here with a 1-2 buck stop.
  • PKT - Watch this one, looks ready to break down. When it breaks $20 on heavy volume, short it into oblivion ($18.60-$19 is next support area).
  • PEET - Looking like a double top... one can go long if it breaks 77.75 on heavy volume or one can short if it keeps getting rejected.
  • SINA - Watch this channel, any break on volume can be played accordingly.
  • SWKS - This one needs to make new highs on heavy volume to be a long play...
  • TNGO - Looks ready for lower prices, selling on volume and bearish engulfing candle.
  • WDC - This is what we call a broken chart....
  • ZAGG - Looking good, always peel some off into strength...
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