Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recap and Trading Plan for Thursday, 4/5

Recap -
Red day all around, a few stocks bucked the trend. AZO held up well most of the day. PEET had a nice comeback EOD. Tomorrow is the last day of the week, market is closed Friday for Good Friday.

Trading Plan for Thursday, 4/5 -

  • RL - This one is holding up well, nice tight consolidation channel, one can buy when it breaks out of this on heavy volume. Currently below 20d, but so long as it holds this channel its ok
  • ANF - Breaking below 20d today, lighter volume so wouldn't worry too much. next buy/add when clears this next resistance, one could even buy if it tests and holds this support again
  • PEET - Not a great setup yet, but bounced off the 20d... keep on watch
  • AZO - Buy/add when clears this resistance/new highs
  • VZ - Good short setup imo... bear flag formation
  • CNX - Reaching decision day, keep on watch for a break either way. Long not a buy until back over 50d
  • BIIB - Watch this one tomorrow, broke out Tuesday and holding, but big sell volume so it may not hold.
  • SPY - poking through this trend line but closing above, keep on watch...
  • VMW - Holding above this breakout, keep an eye on this one
  • JAZZ - ruh-roh... H&S still intact... if you're holding long, you're crazy imo
  • CVX - Good looking short setup, if it loses this support it should test the 200d
  • BIDU - Losing this support area... stick to your stops
  • GLD - Man, this trend line has been spot on, had you traded this TL you'd be making a lot of cash :)
  • BRCM - If it loses 50d, it should test under 36
  • GMCR - Easy short from 50.50. if it loses this support, could hold 40. if it loses that, 34.06 and new lows here we come :)
  • ADBE - Watch how it acts at 50d and this rising trend line
  • NVDA - If it loses 200d and this TL look out below imo
  • SINA - Watch for a break either way and play accordingly
  • SHLD - If it loses this support on heavy volume... it could get really, really ugly...
Charts - 


















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