Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recap and Trading Plan for Wednesday, 4/4

Another pretty great day, not quite up to yesterdays standards, but good nonetheless. We had ZAGG, UA, and NTAP taking us higher. On to tomorrow!

Trading Plan for Wednesday, 4/4

  • ZAGG - Of course we are watching this one for it to clear the 200d again on solid volume. Huge volume on this breakout today.
  • LULU - Keep this one on watch tomorrow to get through this resistance in a big way
  • SHLD - May have a bottom here, one can buy when it breaks this resistance area on heavy volume
  • UA - Continuing to recover after a needed pullback, on could have bought today, or wait until it breaks 100
  • MCP - Continues to act well since breaking out last week. Buy/add when clears this resistance on heavy volume
  • BIIB - Nice candle, clearing this nice little channel
  • AMZN - Holding up in this channel, keep on watch
  • NOV - Continue to watch this one and how it acts off this double bottom
  • WYNN - Suffering from the downward pressure of the MA's
  • VMW - Tweezers top forming, not a bad thing after such a big run. keep on watch.
  • WFC - Keep on watch... more highs on the way imo
  • INFA - Such a weird stock, continuing higher though.... 
  • QCOM - Keep on watch for new highs
  • SODA - Breaking down further watch for it to test this next support.
  • POT - Watch this next buy/add area. If it clears on heavy volume go long with a tight stop
  • GMCR - Continuing its march down to the 40-42 area... ugly...
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