Monday, March 26, 2012

Recap and Trading Plan for Tuesday, 3/27

Recap - 
Heck of a day all around, big breakouts, big volume, big gains, can't ask for much more than  that! Hopefully tomorrow we can get a little more of that!

Trading Plan for Tuesday, 3/27

  • $PEP - Poised to break this next buy/add area (descending trend line), nice bullish candlestick today. Keep an eye out for a cup w/handle formation in the next few weeks once it breaks that TL.
  • $BTU - Looked like it double bottomed (they famously move a few ticks below the previous bottom) but now testing again, watch for the triple bottom (which is less reliable, but still a good formation). If it breaks this support, could have some more down side, $27 is another old support.
  • $BIDU - Broke through the 145 buy area on heavy volume, next buy/add area is 156.25
  • $AMZN - Broke through the next buy/add area and the 200d on heavy volume. next buy/add when it breaks 205.30 on heavy volume
  • $BIIB - Breaking out to new highs great volume, look for more upside here
  • $CXO - Breaking this descending trend line and the 20d, next buy/add area when clears 50d on volume
  • $QCOM - Continuing to be a great winner, a good pullback buy or when it breaks 70 on volume one could buy.
  • $WYNN - Finally breaking through the 200d and this trend line on ok volume
  • $INFA - Testing this next buy/add area
  • WFC - Getting through this resistance area, watch for a good FTD (follow through day) and go long
  • $DE - This one is getting ever more bullish, breaking this triangle today on good volume, watch for a good FTD
  • $PANL - Looks ugly, watch for more downside
  • $CRM - this one is looking absolutely wonderful, next buy/add area when it breaks out to new highs
  • $PETM - Breaking out of this flag, next buy/add when it clears 59.08 on heavy volume
  • $GLD - Cleared back above this support/resistance area. next buy/add area when clears 50d on volume
  • $ZAGG - Got that break over 11 on solid volume but thats a bad candle, tomorrows action is key. as long as we don't get the shooting star we are good to go here.
  • $ADBE - Setting up to clear this resistance area, keep on watch
  • $XOM - Setting up to make new highs, go long over 88 on volume
  • $BBBY - Clearing this next buy area today, looking good for more highs
  • $MOS - Holding above this descending trend line, next buy area when clears 200d on heavy volume. (59.30)
  • $NFLX - Keep this one on watch, go long over 126.50 on volume
  • $VMW - Clearing this next buy area on its way to new highs
  • $BRCM - Clearing this flag, next buy/add when clears 39 on heavy volume
  • $GOOG - Getting ready to rocket through 650 imo...
  • $BAC - Could get through this next resistance at 10.05 this week
  • $AZO - One can buy/add when this clears back over the 20d on heavy volume
  • $MCP - Riding this descending trend line, once it breaks go long
  • $SINA - Ugly pos, avoid unless short
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