Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trading Plan for 3/5-3/9

Here are the setups I'm looking at for this week
  • SINA - 78.00 - This stock has been strong since earnings. If you're not already in this one, this descending trend line is the next buy point.
  • WYNN - 131 - This was a good winner for us since breaking the 118 initial buy point after earnings, next buy area is the 200d or this trend line, whichever you like best
  •  NFLX - 119 - Broke out Friday, if you don't already own it the next buy area is when it clears the 20d on volume
  • ADBE - 34.15 - This one broke out about a week ago, consolidated and moved higher on Friday, next buy area is this resistance line.
  • BIDU - 141 - This one broke out of this triangle on Friday, good looking candlestick, can be bought on a good FTD (Follow Through Day)
  • GMCR - 68.25 - This one broke out on Friday as well, but lighter volume, FTD is key here.
  • CRR - Watch for the double bottom to go long, if it breaks, it may be a good short opportunity
  • VZ - 39 - This one is moving higher on good volume after breaking out Thursday. next buy area is when it clears 39 on volume
  • NTAP - 44.00 - This has been basing nicely below this descending trend line, when it clears on good volume, go long
  • TZOO - This one is broken, watch for a break below 24 to short
  • ALLT - 18.80 - Good looking cheap stock. May work out to be a big gainer in the weeks to come, watch for it to break this price. Cup w/handle
  • BIIB - 120.25 - This one is looking like a good solid setup, held up Friday after breaking out Thursday. this is the next buy area.
  • UA - This one broke out Tuesday and is up almost $5 since the initial buy area. add on dips with a couple dollar stop
  • CME - 297.15 - Basing nicely after breaking out a couple weeks back. nice cup w/handle forming. one can buy the flag breakout or the cup breakout, both should work nicely.
  • TS - 43.50 - After getting beat up pretty bad on earnings, has held up and looks to want higher. if it can get over this point go long.
  • GLD - Doesn't look so hot... avoid for now
  • GOOG - One could buy here and use this support line (618) as a stop, good upside potential imo.
  • QCOM - 63 - pulled back and hit the 20d, if it holds buy when back over 63
  • AMZN - Keep on watch, this one may breakout of it's downtrend this week.
  • POT - Riding this descending trend line, the key on this one is volume, don't commit until it breaks out on massive volume.
  • LVS - One could be buying this one on pullbacks with a 55.50ish stop.
  • CRM - 146.75 - This one is channeling after strong earnings a break over this go long, a break under 139.80 would make a good short entry.
  • WFC - This one broke out on Tuesday and has stalled out. One could buy here, but keep a close stop
  • GS - Said all week this one was primed, then broke out on Thursday, one could buy this area or when clears 125-126.
  • OPEN - Watch volume and action Monday, any big move on volume follow it.
  • INFA - 50.75 - A pullback to the 20d may be just what this needs. when clears this point go long
  • NOV - Look for more downside to fill the gap here.
  • APA 105.45 - If it loses this level nibble short
  • BRCM - Looks like it wants more downside, avoid unless short
  • CNX - Another one to avoid unless you are short.



















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