Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recap and Trading Plan for Thursday, 3/15

Recap -
Nice consolidation day after a big, big day. AAPL calls from the 550 break went from $5 two days ago, to around $40, Huge win on those. A few good breakouts today, a couple of breakdowns, and a lot of consolidation.

Trading Plan for Thursday, 3/15

  • BBBY - 63 was the buy point here, look at this huge candlestick and massive volume, exactly what you want to see
  • AAPL - 600 - This one has been monstrous. our initial buy of the 550 break played out quicker than we thought. next buy area is when it breaks 600 on volume (which could be this week)
  • CME - 280 - This one is trying to set back up, next buy is when it clears this resistance on volume
  • WYNN - 130.25 - continuing to build up to the break of the 200d
  • CXO - One could buy when it breaks this descending trend line
  • CRR - 105.30 - Setting up to break through this resistance and the 50d
  • SHLD - Setting up to take out this trend line
  • UA - This is the kind of candlestick you take some off into
  • INFA - Consolidating after breaking out yesterday, looks good
  • CVX - Such a pos, I'm avoiding this one for a while
  • PEET - 70 - looking good since breaking out last week, waiting for new 52's for the next buy/add area
  • KFT - Failed breakout
  • BRCM - Tested resistance and got rejected, may try again (37.50)
  • SODA - look for more downside
  • CNX - Look for more downside
  • NVDA - Broke this uptrend on above avg volume, look for more downside
  • SINA -  Look for more downside, another bearish engulfing candle today
Charts - 






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