Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trading Plan for 3/26-3/30

Well we called the red weekly candle on last weeks trading plan, now onto next week! The up trend is still looking ok, but we are looking more and more toppy, Monday and Tuesday of this week will be a good indicator of where we go from here imo...

Trading Plan for 3/26 - 3/30

  • $PEP - Broke through this resistance area on ok volume last week, next buy/add area is when it breaks this descending trend line on heavy volume. (Or one can buy here with a 65ish stop)
  • $ZAGG - Breaking up out of  this triangle, volume is lackluster, so FTD (follow through day) is key. You want solid volume and price action (a good break through 11, which is mental resistance)
  • $DECK - This one looks like a good short opp on any bounce to me, but if one is looking to go long, wait for it to clear back above the 20d and this resistance area... Next real support is 63.40 followed by good support around 56 (see chart)
  • $HAL - Another one taht looks like a short opp, broke this ascending trend line. more downside ahead imo
  • $PEET -  This is just sweet, exactly what you want to see, broke out on heavy volume on Wed, and just rocketed higher, up 10% in three days... gorgeous.
  • $FIRE - Nice breakout, but volume is lackluster... the buy point here is when it gets a good piece of volume over that 50.08 point
  • $CXO - Looking like it wants to test this rising trend line
  • $BAC - Setting up for higher prices after breaking out a couple weeks back, next buy/add area when clears 10.05 on heavy volume
  • $MOS - Next buy area when clears 200d on heavy volume
  • $NOV - Thinking this has more downside than up from here, but watch for it to clear back above 20d and this descending trend line
  • $MCP - Keep on watch to clear this descending trend line
  • $AMZN - This one looks very good, next buy/add area when breaks this 196.75 resistance area on good volume
  • $GLD - Keep this one on watch to get back over this resistance area of 162
  • $NFLX - Next buy/add area when clears 127.50 on heavy volume
  • $GS - Next buy area when clears 128.50 on heavy volume
  • $BRCM - Broke through this resistance area, making a nice flag now, watch for it to break out on volume and go long
  • $NTAP - Holding up well after a solid breakout, one can add on pullbacks here with 44ish as a stop. Next real resistance will be in the 49's
  • $WDC - This one rocketing higher, looks tired, but may not slow down for a few days, wait for the pullback to buy imo
  • $CRM - Keep this one on watch to break through this next resistance area on heavy volume
  • $QCOM - Basing in this tight channel, keep on watch to break this resistance at 67, when it does, one can buy/add
  • $BBBY - Working well since the huge breakout, keep on watch for it to break this 66.30 resistance and hold above it.
  • $WFC - This one is holding above this support level, keep an eye on how it acts...
  • $DE - Keep an eye on this triangle, if it breaks below I think the 200d will get taken out...
  • $BIDU - Broke out on great volume, next buy/add area when clears 145 on volume
  • $ADBE - Watch for the same break as we watched for last week (34.75)
  • $BIIB - Next buy area when breaks out to new highs on heavy volume (123.30)
  • $VMW - Next buy/add area when breaks 110 on heavy volume
  • $CME - Keep on watch to break above 300 on heavy volume
  • $INFA - Kind of a slow mover, but if you have the time this could have some excellent upside, next buy/add area when clears this resistance on heavy volume (53.30)
  • $SODA - I'm not sure why I keep watching this, such a pos... look for more downside or it to clear back above 20d
  • $BEAM - Looks poised to break out to new highs, keep on watch
  • $LULU - Look for more consolidation  then more upside, big bullish engulfing candle...
  • $WYNN - Holding up well, next buy/add area when clears 200d (129.64) on volume
  • $GOOG - Holding up well after a multi-week run, watch for a pullback here and go long/add when it breaks 650 on heavy volume
  • $AAPL - I don't buy this one for many reasons, personal bias, too much too fast, many upgrades last week, etc... BUT if you insist on buying this one, wait for it to break 610 on heavy volume, OR buy on the pullbacks above this support area with it as a stop
  • $VZ - This has been a great winner since breaking out last month, next buy/add area when clears this descending trend line on heavy volume
  • $ALLT - Holding up sensationally well imo, one can buy here through 22.00 with a buck fifty stop
  • $PETM - Making a nice flag here, bouncing off the 20d. one can buy/add with a tight stop when it clears this descending trend line on volume
  • $UA - A great pullback buy with a few dollar stop, looks like it will keep basing and break 100 buy/add when it does so on heavy volume
  • $LNKD - Same story as UA
  • $GMCR - Keep on watch to get back over the 20d and 50d
  • $SINA - Looking ready to break this ascending trend line, one could short when it does
































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